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The biomedical valley rise

The district was born in the 1960s, thanks to the founder Mario Veronesi, a pharmacist who understood the potential of the disposable product market in the medical field. His intuition led to the birth and, subsequently, the expansion of new biomedical companies, until reaching the international market in the 2000s. Even today, despite the lack of transport infrastructures, the district is growing strongly thanks to the birth of new realities that support the characterized values and ideals of the territory.
Video credits: Simone Ferriani.

Biomedical District

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Biomedical valley is deemed the most important district in Europe, third in the world, with more than 300 companies and 5000 employees operating mostly in the biomedical sector and its supply chain. The dynamicity and expertise developed in this land have produced an active place offering many job opportunities.
The district extends throughout the northern area of Modena province, including Mirandola and other neighboring towns like Medolla, Concordia, Cavezzo, San Felice sul Panaro, San Possidonio, San Prospero. This area has about 100.000 inhabitants.

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